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Your Guide to a Successful Easter Road Trip – with the kids!

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Easter is a great opportunity to spend some much needed quality time with the family, however the thought of bundling the kids into the car and driving for hours on end can seem like a daunting task.

Let’s be honest – for the kids, Easter means chocolate, which also means they’ll will be bouncing around in the car backseat from an inevitable sugar high; all sticky fingers and chocolate smeared faces. And large amounts of sugar in a confined space can also result in some holiday ruining tantrums.

However, it’s not all doomed! To make the family road trip a success, make sure you plan ahead.

Three tips to ensure a disaster free Easter holiday are:

Pack food – and lots of it

As Easter is made up of public holidays, most shops and cafes will be closed, and you don’t want to be caught out with hungry children once the chocolate binge ends. And, if by some Easter miracle, you manage to find a convenience shop that is open, you’ll be paying a small fortune for basic items. Pack food with some icepacks in a small esky and stick it in the back of the car. Load up with sandwiches, fruit and the always useful muesli bar.

Work pit stops into your journey

If you’re travelling for a few hours, make sure you plan to take regular breaks. This is important to stretch your legs, swap over driving if you have a co-pilot, and gives the kids a chance to use the toilet (always very crucial when travelling with little ones).

Bring suitable luggage

Before the trip, take the kids shopping so you can select their luggage together. The luggage you choose doesn’t have to be huge, just practical. Pockets and smaller zip up areas are ideal for small toys that can get buried at the bottom, or worst – lost – which is a potential disaster your holiday may not be able to come back from.

We recommend luggage with wheels so it’s easy for your children to slide along behind them without trying to lift anything heavy, such as the Teddy Tosca PC trolley case, with its anti-topple grab handle, garment stabilizer belt and internal pocket.

For all your Easter road trip luggage needs, visit our Tosca showroom or shop online to view our entire range.